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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solutions that can digitally transform your apparel & accessories production to
increase production and quality while reducing cost.

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Explore solutions in LT Connect Suite

An extensive network of manufacturing software and hardware products designed to facilitate an end-
to-end workflow, from product development to production, providing real-time insights to drive smarter
business decisions for your management.

Start Your End-to-End Digitalization
Journey with LT Connect Suite

A complete end-to-end MES solution designed for apparel business to seamlessly streamline their end-
to-end manufacturing process.

End-to-End System

Digital solutions designed to facilitate end-to-end workflow with data to be shared and accessed all in one centralized interface.

Transform your Business

20+ years of software development expertise and first-hand manufacturing experience to transform your factory into a digitalized organization.

Smarter Decision Making

Essential data points are accurately captured and analyzed to provide you with real-time insights to drive intelligent business decisions.

Uncover hidden value with our digital solutions

Reduction in Sewing Defects
Reduction in NPT from Sewing
Save up to 13 hours of NPT/line

TEAMconnect solution

Bring your teams together with the quality, mechanic, and IE systems to maximize the efficiency and product standards on your production floor.

FACTORYconnect solution

Maximize your factory’s productivity and resources by reducing your material consumption and
accurately locating your WIP or finished goods at all times through our warehouse management software, production, cutting and development systems.

BUSINESSconnect solution

Run your business efficiently by capturing production floor data points and analyzing them using our management, performance, compliance, and brand systems to provide you with the crucial knowledge in order to manage your operations.

Embrace Technology with LT Connect Suite

In recent years, customers’ needs and expectations have shifted dramatically in every industry and the apparel industry is no exception. People want high-quality goods, value-added services, and faster delivery, all at the same time. Being a business owner, running business operations and effective supply chain management may seem like a big challenge for you. In the current scenario, having an efficient supply chain management system in place is the best possible solution. To make things easier for you, we have introduced comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solutions. With our supply chain management software, you can take a step towards digitization without having to worry about anything.

Be it preventive maintenance or warehouse automation, effective industrial engineering or quality management, LT Connect Suite has a solution for everything. All our solutions have been designed to serve different yet crucial stages of the apparel manufacturing cycle. These systems make things easier for you by automating several operations involved in the supply chain. The important thing is that these systems can either be used on a stand-alone basis or as a complete package, depending on the specific needs of your apparel business. This is what makes LT Connect Suite one of the best software for supply chain management.

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What our customers are saying

LTLabs solution allows us to take control of our shop floor and have an instant real-time visibility into quality performance across the production.

Sheryll Q.

QA Manager

Instead of the manual reports, we could access and extract all reports instantly now. As a result, the system has saved us a lot of time and resources.

Marites S.

ME Manager

It's definitely a worthwhile investment, and we see a lot of opportunities to grow with LTLabs. Right now, we are in discussion of implementing new solutions with them in the upcoming year.

Asokan M.

Operations Director

We were impressed by how accessible and user-friendly their system is compared to those available in the market.

Al M.

IT Manager

Instead of spending hours, our factory’s inspection process is more efficient and takes just seconds to record defects. In addition, our QA team can now detect and react to any defective product to its source resulting in a much lower defect rate during the production.

Ratha V.

Business Development Process

We have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of our mechanic team. Mechanics can now get notified immediately via the mobile app and resolve machine problems at a much faster rate.

Anuradha G.

Production Manager

Within one year of implementing the LTquality solution, we saw a 94% decrease in defective products. This is a huge win for us.

Jaevany T.

QA Manager

They are a clear winner for us as a vendor. With their integration technology, our systems are now seamlessly connected to work and share across the production with the teams.

Dulan S.

Production Sr. Manager

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The best digital solution designed by apparel industry experts specifically for apparel manufacturers.

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“It provides an end-to-end management system to facilitate workflow in one centralized interface. By capturing essential data points accurately, the SCM software will give your apparel business real-time insights to drive smarter decision making.”
LTLabs connect suite can be integrated with your existing operations and supply chain management system. And if your factory is not digitalized yet, you can opt for solutions by LTLabs.
“Expand your supply chain visibility. Develop a good relationship with your suppliers. Automate your supply chain processes. Implement supply chain software. Cultivate supply chain experts. Establish green initiatives across your supply chain. Optimize your supply chain regularly to remain efficient.”
The cost is minimal and it’s calculated on a case-to-case basis, depending upon the scale of the factory and the numbers of operators. To know about the cost, please feel free to contact us.
“It helps businesses in product development, sourcing, production and logistics by automating operations. Thus, increasing the physical as well as informative flow of businesses. The entire business ultimately benefits from higher performance and greater cost-efficiency. We at LTLabs have the best supply chain management software in the market that will help transform your businesss more effectively and efficiently.”