Connecting the Supply Chain through Technology
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LTLabs is a digital solution provider with over 30 years of experience in apparel manufacturing. We combine our system with modern day technology to streamline your supply chain and bring forth transparency, drive efficiency, and maximize productivity for your apparel business.

End to End MES Solution

LT Connect Suite

LTLabs has developed a sophisticated system by utilizing our expertise in manufacturing combined with innovative digital capabilities to allow your business to capture all the essential data points. We believe a data driven organization will be able to make smarter business decisions through our Connect Suite System.

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Tools focused on managing production to deliver high quality products in the shortest lead time and at the lowest cost.


From product development to raw materials, to finished goods; quickly identify inventory levels, location of goods, and development plans.

  • Asset 39


    Track arrival materials from your suppliers and accurately locate inventory in your factory at all times.

  • Asset 38


    Downstream inventory tracking of WIP goods from cutting to delivery.

  • Asset 44


    Fabric consumption management and lay plan management.

  • Asset 37


    From design to development to costing, keep all updates and essential information all in one place.


Real-time insights & reports for effective management, decision making, and customer KPI awareness.

  • Asset 40


    Automatically generate reports for your management teams.

  • Asset 43


    Monitor your performance level to see if you are matching your customers standards.

  • Asset 41


    Ensure all compliance metrics are consistently met by your teams.

  • Asset 42


    Customize dashboard reporting according to your customer requirements.

The Future of the Garment Industry

The Future of the Garment Industry

The Future of the Garment Industry

Real-Time Visibility | Connectivity | Transparent Reporting

Enable your factories to quickly and easily take on the daunting journey of digital transformation by starting with your teams. Our solutions are designed to replace manual work to capture data, while provide real-time visibility across your production floor to facilitate management collaboration. Generated reports from stored cloud data helps analyze trends to drive performance and set targets towards manufacturing excellence.

Identify, track, and reduce defects for your fabrics and finished goods.

Capture real-time inspection data from fabric inspection to In-line and End-line inspection.

Auto generate Fabric Inspection reports capturing defects images and details that be digitally shared via link.

Configure your Traffic Light settings to fit your operation needs.

Digital In-line inspection captures data to help prioritize Defect Correction Training for your operators.

Machine down time reporting, manage preventative maintenance, and monitor mechanic performance.

Plan ahead with changeover schedule to quickly set targets to reduce COPT.

Instant alert of machine problem allows the mechanics to resolve machine breakdown promptly and reduce NPT rate.

Prevent breakdown by keeping track of maintenance schedules and required checks for each machine.

Maximize team productivity with past and present performance data captured during normal operation.

Line balancing, digital skills matrix, and driving efficiency.

Optimize layouts based on highest LBR with direct linkage to LTm for your mechanics.

Time study app automatically captures operator’s skills to identify training priorities for multi-skill operators.

Capture and report NPT data as it happens directly in the LTie mobile app.

Visualize your bottlenecks with real time data capture and processing of efficiency, output and WIP.


Significant Numbers

1 %
Reduction in Sewing Defects Percentage in 4 months
1 %
Reduction in NPT caused by Sewing in 4 months
1 hr
Save up to 13 hours of NPT per line in 4 months

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