How Real-Time & Cloud Technologies Can Fix Your Supply Chain

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Real-time and cloud technologies make the successful modern-day formula that fix supply chain challenges in the apparel manufacturing industry. The reasons are simple! Smart technology adoption help handle the domains of supply chain efficiency with real-time advantage and cloud service. Cloud technologies give the flexibility to manage the supply chain from anywhere and anytime and serve as a cost-efficient option for garment manufacturers as they can store and access unlimited data from the cloud securely instead of spending on installing and maintaining a separate server infrastructure. Cloud technologies in the garment supply chain speed up operations with centralized data access and set courses for instant problem-solving with real-time data.


What Are the Features of Real-Time Technologies?

Digital transformation in the apparel manufacturing industry aims to leverage real-time technology and cloud adoption. Real-time technology enables immediate data processing and dynamic decision-making, while cloud technologies facilitate online business processes, secure data storage, and convenient access from anywhere at any time. Additionally, cloud adoption promotes effective collaboration among stakeholders. This shift also helps businesses save costs by eliminating the need for an in-house IT infrastructure. In the apparel manufacturing industry, accurate real-time data is of utmost importance as it plays a significant role in preventing financial losses.

What Are the Key Features of real-time technologies?

  • Real-time data processing
  • High Data Accuracy
  • Multi-user workflow
  • Round robin scheduling
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 monitoring and management


What Are the Supply Chain’s Challenges?

  • Manual errors and inaccuracy of data
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Non-productive hours
  • Production delays due to quality issues
  • The rising cost of raw materials
  • Reduced profit margins

What Are the Solutions for such Supply Chain Challenges?

The apparel manufacturing industry is precision-driven and faces unique challenges in producing high-quality products and on-time shipments. Until cloud technologies came to the rescue, it was a struggle to find a solution for how to fix supply chain problems like machine downtime, quality issues, and production delays. The key to a successful technological switch was to bring in a system that significantly reduced production delays and revenue loss. Paperless automation in the cloud saves time and manual labor in capturing data and prevents data leakage while providing safe central access. Whereas real-time tech enables high-end quality inspections and manufactures garments with zero defects.


The Main Advantages of Supply Chain Innovation

In the realm of apparel supply chain innovation, a comprehensive enterprise solution is being implemented, combining automation, AI use cases, real-time technology, and cloud technologies. This holistic approach aims to optimize and manage processes in garment production, resulting in significant time and cost savings. By integrating automation and AI, alongside real-time and cloud technologies, the apparel industry can streamline its operations and achieve greater efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Here are the key advantages of supply chain innovation for the garment industry

Real-time monitoring at the end-to-end quality inspection at different stages of production results in the manufacturing of high-quality garments and prevents fabric wastages and rejections, significantly reducing margin loss.

Instant tracking and addressing operational issues in the sewing line allows the QCs and line leaders to take immediate corrective measures without affecting production and reduces downtime.

With an apparel warehouse management system, you can track each product in the warehouse and production floor just by using product codes. Using real-time analytics in warehouse management gives visibility to stock levels and inbound shipments, which prevents production delays due to insufficient stocks and profit loss due to surplus stocks.

Comprehensive solutions in each stage streamline every process, offers visibility, facilitate instant reporting with accurate data, and accelerate the production of high-quality garments on time.

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