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    Uncover hidden value with our digital solutions

    Reduction in Sewing Defects %
    Reduction in NPT from Sewing
    Save up to 13 hours of NPT/line

    What our customers are saying

    LTLabs solution allows us to take control of our shop floor and have an instant real-time visibility into quality performance across the production.

    Sheryll Q.

    QA Manager

    Instead of the manual reports, we could access and extract all reports instantly now. As a result, the system has saved us a lot of time and resources.

    Marites S.

    ME Manager

    It's definitely a worthwhile investment, and we see a lot of opportunities to grow with LTLabs. Right now, we are in discussion of implementing new solutions with them in the upcoming year.

    Asokan M.

    Operations Director

    We were impressed by how accessible and user-friendly their system is compared to those available in the market.

    Al M.

    IT Manager

    Instead of spending hours, our factory’s inspection process is more efficient and takes just seconds to record defects. In addition, our QA team can now detect and react to any defective product to its source resulting in a much lower defect rate during the production.

    Ratha V.

    Business Development Process

    We have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of our mechanic team. Mechanics can now get notified immediately via the mobile app and resolve machine problems at a much faster rate.

    Anuradha G.

    Production Manager

    Within one year of implementing the LTquality solution, we saw a 94% decrease in defective products. This is a huge win for us.

    Jaevany T.

    QA Manager

    They are a clear winner for us as a vendor. With their integration technology, our systems are now seamlessly connected to work and share across the production with the teams.

    Dulan S.

    Production Sr. Manager


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