LTquality is a cloud-based quality management system that streamlines quality inspection through a digital interface-driven process to ultimately ensure higher quality standards, reduce defects, and resolve quality problems across production.

Digital Inspection

Capture real-time inspection data from fabric inspection to In-line and End-line inspection.

Real-Time Reporting

Auto generate Fabric Inspection reports capturing defects images and details that be digitally shared via link.

TLS Management

Configure your Traffic Light settings to fit your operation needs.

Operator Performance

Digital In-line inspection captures data to help prioritize Defect Correction Training for your operators.

Key Benefits

LTquality system facilitates the inspection process through capturing data points of your defects, tracking good quality output, and instantly analyzes these data through dashboards to ultimately ensure the highest

Identify & Resolve Defects Efficiently​

Our system allows you to accurately capture defects on your sewing lines. Ensuring all data is reliable in order to apply the proper corrective measures to solve your quality issues immediately.​

Track Good Quality Output​

Once garments have passed inspection, our system will automatically collect all good quality output. Providing you with critical information on whether you are hitting your production KPI or fulfilling your shipment targets.​

Provide Real-Time Insights​

Real-time data is analyzed through our system to provide you with access to vital insights on your factory’s quality performance anywhere you go, ensuring the highest quality standards are followed.

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