End-to-End quality inspection Fabric Inspection InLine Inspection EndLine Inspection Traffic Light System

LTquality is a cloud-based quality inspection solution designed for apparel manufacturing to streamline the quality inspection processes through digital interface-driven technology that will ultimately ensure high-quality standards for your products. The system helps to reduce defective products and provides real-time data for the QC to immediately apply the proper corrective measures to solve the quality issues across the production.

End-to-End quality inspection
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The LTquality system facilitates an end-to-end quality inspection process by capturing real-time data points of defects throughout the factory and instantly analyzing those data to allow the quality team to quickly resolve quality issues and ensure high-quality products.

Achieve Zero Defects

Our digital inspection apps capture defects information to help prioritize defect correction training and continuous quality improvement by analyzing the historical data and working towards zero defects.

Lower Operation Cost

Our real-time dashboard allows the quality team to have full visibility in the shop floor and bring immediate attention to resolve quality issues. Helping to improve product quality and reduce extra cost and manpower spent on rework.

Excel Shipment Targets

Once garments have passed inspection, the system will automatically collect all good quality output and provide critical information on whether you are hitting your production KPI or fulfilling your shipment orders.

Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection allows QC inspectors to perform fabric checking and evaluation (based on their acceptance criteria) upon arrival in the warehouse in order to determine the fabric’s quality and identify defective fabrics at an early stage. The system allows the factory to minimize fabric rejection when the garments are sent off to production.

 21” Android inspection console provides users with an intuitive interface to quickly mark defects, measurements, and smell test results.

Supplemental handheld Android app lets the QC team take photos and save defect records for reporting.

Manage your Pass/Fail criteria and relaxation schedule for each fabric type for the system.

Summarize inspection report is provided by PO/Arrival and can be digitally shared by weblink.

Sync with existing warehouse or ERP to schedule fabric inspections or enter manually.

Fabric Inspection
In-Line and end-line Inspection

In-Line and End-Line Inspection

In-line & End-line inspection are parts of LTquality’s cloud-based tablet inspection tools. In-Line app allows the QC team to digitally perform inspection on any operators within the sewing lines. Helping to identify, resolve, and reduce defects at their source before it even reaches the end of the line. End-line app allows the QC team to inspect the finished/completed garments before they are packed and shipped to the customers.

The system collects all good quality output and provides critical information on whether you are fulfilling your shipment targets on time.

Our system analyzes real-time data to provide management insights on the factory’s quality performance anywhere you go.

Identify the root causes of the issues and implement immediate corrective action plans for the defects to maintain high-quality standards for your products.

Reduce defective products during production and maximize your operator’s productivity keeping the production line running smoothly.

Digital Traffic Light System (TLS)

Digital TLS tool is designed to improve your product quality through digital inspection apps to capture and flag defects during productions more efficiently. TLS helps to identify potential defects at an early stage and allows your QC and line supervisors to come up with immediate corrective actions for the defective products.

Mobile apps for In-line and End-line inspections allow your QC to capture data digitally and follow the factory TLS rules configured for your factory.

Digital In-line inspection captures operator quality performance and assigns TLS individually to your operators.

Traffic Light settings can be configured by the factory to support different severity types and allowable defects types.

Dashboards are designed to show key metrics along with top contributors to help with smarter decision-making throughout daily operations.

Digital traffic light system
General Inspection pre-production

General Inspection

General Inspection, a part of the raw material or pre-production inspection, focuses on quality inspection or checking within the pre-production assembly processes. Factories can now install LTquality inspection tools in any parts of the factory processes that need an inspection, such as heat transfer, embroidery, pad printing, etc.

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Proven results to help your factories reduce defects rates and total NPT (non-productive time) during production in just less than four months of implementation.

Reduction in Sewing Defects %
Reduction in NPT from Sewing
Save up to 13 hours of NPT/line

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LTLabs has developed a sophisticated system by utilizing 30+ years of expertise in manufacturing combined
with innovative digital capabilities to allow your business to capture all the essential data points.
With up-to-date design thinking what we have for you is holistic and flexible system that is data-driven to you make smarter business decisions through our Connect Suite System.

Fabric inspection technologies are vital for garment manufacturing as fabrics constitute 50-60% of the total
garment cost. Thus, making it very critical that a digital inspection tracking keeps check of the entire process across the production and work floor line.

LTquality is a cloud-based quality inspection solution designed by LTLabs for apparel manufacturing to streamline quality inspection through digital interface-driven processes that will ultimately ensure high-quality standards for your products.

By using LTquality you can ensure 100% quality assurance. This digital solution allows factories to capture defective products on the sewing lines during inspections while providing real-time data for the QC to immediately apply the proper corrective measures to solve the quality issues across the production.

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