Streamline your warehouse operations with an end-to-end warehouse management solution

LTwarehouse is a cloud-based warehouse control system, designed to give your factory an increased competitive advantage by enabling you to administer warehouse operations, accurately track your inbound material shipments, and locate your fabric rolls across your production floor in real-time.

automated warehouse management software


The LTwarehouse is the best warehouse management system that allows you to acquire visibility of your raw materials and delivery schedules from your suppliers all the way till they arrive at your factory. Inventory management allows you to have real-time notification and reporting for quick decision- making and improved production planning.

Track Material Arrival

With the capability of accurately tracking the location of your shipment, this warehouse management software can provide you with clear visibility of the arrival time of your materials. Allowing you to better plan for production and prepare for any unexpected delays in advance.

Real-time Inventory

Immediately scan your fabric rolls from the time they enter the warehouse until they move out. All of these data points are instantly tracked and analyzed to provide you with an accurate map of the location and quantity of your inventory.

Increase Operation Efficiency

Our warehouse control system provides real-time data on inbound shipments and inventory, facilitating seamless workflow between warehouse and production. Combined with our industrial engineering and quality management software, you can enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

Inbound Shipment & Receiving

Sync your inbound shipments with our warehouse system directly with your factory ERP through API. Monitor the status of your inbound materials with real-time dashboards.

Inventory Management

Efficiently locate your materials by searching our dedicated inventory database. Generate labels with unique barcodes/QR codes to manage fabric roll inventory all the way from warehouse to production.

Material Requests

Enhance operational efficiency by creating warehouse work orders to manage and track production material requests. API is available to automatically sync production requests.

Warehouse Management

Easily customize warehouse for flexibility and growth while managing all warehouses within one system. There is no need to use multiple software as this warehouse management system serves all those purposes.

What our customers are saying

LTLabs solution allows us to take control of our shop floor and have an instant real-time visibility into quality performance across the production.

Sheryll Q.

QA Manager

Instead of the manual reports, we could access and extract all reports instantly now. As a result, the system has saved us a lot of time and resources.

Marites S.

ME Manager

It's definitely a worthwhile investment, and we see a lot of opportunities to grow with LTLabs. Right now, we are in discussion of implementing new solutions with them in the upcoming year.

Asokan M.

Operations Director

We were impressed by how accessible and user-friendly their system is compared to those available in the market.

Al M.

IT Manager

Instead of spending hours, our factory’s inspection process is more efficient and takes just seconds to record defects. In addition, our QA team can now detect and react to any defective product to its source resulting in a much lower defect rate during the production.

Ratha V.

Business Development Process

We have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of our mechanic team. Mechanics can now get notified immediately via the mobile app and resolve machine problems at a much faster rate.

Anuradha G.

Production Manager

Within one year of implementing the LTquality solution, we saw a 94% decrease in defective products. This is a huge win for us.

Jaevany T.

QA Manager

They are a clear winner for us as a vendor. With their integration technology, our systems are now seamlessly connected to work and share across the production with the teams.

Dulan S.

Production Sr. Manager

Why LTwarehouse?

If you run an apparel business and are looking for a digital solution to automate your warehouse operations, your search ends here. LTwarehouse is an end-to-end warehouse management solution that helps you track your shipments and locate the fabric rolls across the production floor in real-time. When you start tracking raw materials as soon as they come in, you can make sure they are in the right place for stocking and start manufacturing. This way, you have clear visibility of your production line all the time. The software included in our warehouse management system not only speed things up but also eliminate any potential bottlenecks.

What makes LTwarehouse the best warehouse management system is that it maximizes the overall efficiency of your apparel business so that you never miss a delivery deadline. It can provide you with accurate, real-time data that can make spotting any loopholes faster and easier. With streamlined warehouse operations, you can always offer your customers something extra in the service package, such as better shipping and delivery information. It may seem like a minor thing, but it could help you gain the trust and loyalty of your precious customers. In short, LTwarehouse is a one of the best warehouse management systems and adds a competitive advantage to your apparel business.

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    The cost is minimal and it’s calculated on a case-to-case basis, depending upon the scale of the warehouse and the numbers of operators. To know about the cost, please feel free to contact us.
    “Automation is one of the most effective solutions for achieving logistics efficiency. Implementing automatic handling equipment in your facility has a multitude of advantages in terms of enhanced productivity, improved safety in goods management and more ease in storage/order of picking tasks.”
    Give your factory an increased competitive advantage by enabling automated warehouse solutions to accurately track your in-bound material shipments and locate your fabric rolls across the production floor in real time.
    LTwarehouse is one of the best warehouse management systems currently in the market. It is designed to ultimately provide your warehouse with higher efficiency and enhanced inventory management in order to support your operational requirements and business complexities.