LTie system is designed to increase efficiency, provide line setup suggestions while utilizing Line Balance Assist (LBA), and monitor NPT throughout production. The system also generates worker skill matrix by capturing the operator’s machine skill and operation efficiency.

Line Balance Assist

Optimize layouts based on highest LBR with direct linkage to LTm for your mechanics.

Digital Skills Matrix

Time study app automatically captures operator’s skills to identify training priorities for multi-skill operators.

NPT Data Capture

Capture and report NPT data as it happens directly in the LTie mobile app.

Real-time Transparency

Visualize your bottlenecks with real time data capture and processing of efficiency, output and WIP.

Key Benefits

 The LTie system captures crucial production floor data points such as individual operator efficiency, single piece output, and historical line set up to optimize your factory’s productivity. With all this key information in your hands, the system will enable you to streamline sewing processes and increase your factory’s operational efficiency.


LTie system keeps track of your operator’s historical data f rom their past operations and builds up a skill matrix for each of your operator. Allowing you to gain visibility and match the operator with their strongest operation in order to maximize output.

Track Single Piece Output

Our IE system allows you to track every single piece of output that your operator has completed. By doing so, it provides management with visibility of each operator’s output and efficiency to monitor KPIs and ensure production targets are met.

Enhance Sewing Efficiency

The system captures style details such as operation bulletin and line setup, allowing users to access these historical data at any point. Providing you with insights on how to set up your line efficiently, prevent bottlenecks f rom occurring in your operation process, and enhance production planning.

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