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LTie system is designed to increase efficiency, provide line setup suggestions while keeping your line balancing, and monitor NPT throughout production. The system also generates worker skills matrix by capturing the operator’s machine skill and operation efficiency.

Our solution is designed to increase productivity and monitor real-time efficiency of manufacturing lines by optimizing production line configurations as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.


The LTie system captures crucial production floor data points such as individual operator efficiency, single piece output, and historical line set up to optimize your factory’s productivity. With all this key information in your hands, the system will enable you to streamline sewing processes and increase your factory’s operational efficiency.

Maximize Utilization of Manpower

Allocate operators to their strongest operations during line setup using real-time and built-in skills matrix allowing IEs to select the most efficient operator for an operation in a short amount of time.

Line Balancing

Digital time study tool will provide you updated operator's efficiency and LBR allowing you to eliminate bottlenecks within the line, reduce production costs, and ensure production targets are met.

Improve Production

Visualize potential bottlenecks with real-time KPI dashboard allowing management to quickly prioritize their attention and address the top contributors that impact the KPI.

Real-Time Automatic Skills Matrix

Skill matrix are automatically updated to identify each operator’s skill and operation efficiency. The system provides a list of operators along with their skills and the efficiency that can be used to determine the line efficiency and LBR.

Perform time study on operators directly from the LTie Mobile app allowing the system to get up-to-date operator skills and efficiency.

Real-time skills matrix are used to identify machine skill and operation efficiency during operator assignment

Operator’s efficiency is used to determined the line efficiency and LBR.

Manual entry and bulk upload of skill can be done via LTie web application.

Line Balancing

The system allows IEs team to balance the line by merge or split operation, adjust manpower, and split workload. Time studies taken will automatically recalculate operator efficiency and update LBR. 

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Mobile Tools for Shop Floor Changes

Mobile android app allows IEs to perform time studies, input NPTs, and make changes to your line anywhere on the production floor or conveniently in your office. 

Report and manage NPT directly in the LTie mobile app or on the web dashboard.

Set the thresholds for KPI alerts and receive mobile notification when KPI targets fall under set threshold.

Real-Time Dashboard & KPI

Real-time dashboard provides data for line performance and overall efficiency by hour and line. KPI metrics are highlighted to capture your attention to ensure the crucial areas of the factory are hitting their targets.

The system highlights KPT metrics to help prioritize the management attention and seeing the top 5 contributors that are impacting KPT. 

Production Line Setup

Manage your styles, operations, operator skills and previous line setups all in one place, allowing your IEs to efficiently create new line setups or rebalance a line.

Drag and drop your operators from the operator pool into the stations while the system automatically calculates the key indicators.

Operators with matching skills will be highlighted while showing their past operations’ efficiency.

Merge and split operations by the available stations.

Analytics Tools

Leverage on LTie powerful analytics tools to filter and show a complete factory or a single line for root cause analysis. Users can filter multiple levels of the factory across the preferred date range to view the report.

What our customers are saying

LTLabs solution allows us to take control of our shop floor and have an instant real-time visibility into quality performance across the production.

Sheryll Q.

QA Manager

Instead of the manual reports, we could access and extract all reports instantly now. As a result, the system has saved us a lot of time and resources.

Marites S.

ME Manager

It's definitely a worthwhile investment, and we see a lot of opportunities to grow with LTLabs. Right now, we are in discussion of implementing new solutions with them in the upcoming year.

Asokan M.

Operations Director

We were impressed by how accessible and user-friendly their system is compared to those available in the market.

Al M.

IT Manager

Instead of spending hours, our factory’s inspection process is more efficient and takes just seconds to record defects. In addition, our QA team can now detect and react to any defective product to its source resulting in a much lower defect rate during the production.

Ratha V.

Business Development Process

We have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of our mechanic team. Mechanics can now get notified immediately via the mobile app and resolve machine problems at a much faster rate.

Anuradha G.

Production Manager

Within one year of implementing the LTquality solution, we saw a 94% decrease in defective products. This is a huge win for us.

Jaevany T.

QA Manager

They are a clear winner for us as a vendor. With their integration technology, our systems are now seamlessly connected to work and share across the production with the teams.

Dulan S.

Production Sr. Manager

Powerful tool for your IEs

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