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LT Connect Suite

LTLabs Connect Suite is an extensive network of manufacturing software and hardware products designed to facilitate an end to end workflow, from product development to production, providing real-time insights to drive smarter business decisions for your management.

  • TeamConnect
  • FactoryConnect
  • BusinessConnect

Bring your teams together with our LTLabs quality, mechanic, and ie systems to maximize the efficiency and product standards on your production floor.

Identify, track, and reduce defects for your fabrics and finished goods.

Machine down time reporting, manage preventative maintenance, and monitor mechanic performance.

Line balancing, digital skills matrix, and driving efficiency.

Maximize your factory’s productivity and resources by reducing your material consumption and accurately locating your WIP or finished goods at all times through our warehouse, production, cutting, and development systems


Track arrival materials from your suppliers and accurately locate inventory in your factory at all times.


Downstream inventory tracking of WIP goods from cutting to delivery.


Lay plan management, integrated bundle generation, consumption management, RTI & Mgt Dashboards.


From design to development to costing, keep all updates and essential information all in one place.

Run your business efficiently through capturing production floor data points and analyzing it through our management, performance, compliance, and brand systems to provide you with the crucial knowledge in order to manage your operations.


Give your management real time insights on all activities in the factory to make effective business decisions.


Metrics set by the brand to rank you against your competitors. This tool provides a way to actively monitor your performance to make sure you meets your customer’s targets


Track compliance related metrics throughout your factory to identify opportunities for improvement.


Reporting dashboard designed for your customers to provide transparency and custom reporting based on their needs.


Significant Numbers

1 %
Reduction in Sewing Defects Percentage in 4 months
1 %
Reduction in NPT caused by Sewing in 4 months
1 hr
Save up to 13 hours of NPT per line in 4 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

LTLabs Connect Suite is an end to end manufacturing execution system (MES) designed for apparel businesses to facilitate their end to end workflow, from product development to production, providing real-time insights to drive smarter business decisions for the management.

One of the advantages of implementing our system is that our products can be used as a stand-alone system, or as a complete package depending on your specific needs.

Find out more information by talk to a member of our sales team and let us help you find the right solution for you.

With over 30 years of apparel manufacturing experence, we understand the day to day challenges every factory faces. Through the challenges we have experienced over the years, it has provided us with valuable knowledge on how to overcome the obstacles on the production floor, and this is what sets us apart from other companies selling software solutions.

Fill in the “Schedule free trial” form or contact our sales team directly.

Go to Contact Us page on our website then create a new ticket under the Product Support section. Or, you may contact our technical support team directly via support@ltlabs.co

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