LTmechanic allows production floor users to promptly report machine problems and mechanics to reduce their response times to resolve machine problems efficiently. The data captured provides insights such as most common problems, downtime due to machine breakdown, and even most durable machine brands. All these metrics are driven by hard data points which leads to smarter business decisions.

Changeover Planning

Plan ahead with changeover schedule to quickly set targets to reduce COPT.

Reduce Machine Downtime

Instant alert of machine problem allows the mechanics to resolve machine breakdown promptly and reduce NPT rate.

Maintenance Schedule

Prevent breakdown by keeping track of maintenance schedules and required checks for each machine.

Drive Performance

Maximize team productivity with past and present performance data captured during normal operation.

Key Benefits

The LTmechanic system provides real-time data for asset management and tracks every single machine on each sewing line to provide visibility of machine status, instant alert of problems, and machine performance analysis.

Improve Mechanic Efficiency

Through our system’s instant alert function, mechanics are notified immediately once there is a machine breakdown. Allowing mechanics to react, respond, and resolve machine problems at a faster rate.

Reduce Non-Productive Time

As machine repair time is tracked in the system, you can measure the performance of each mechanic. Ensuring your mechanic team is hitting their KPI so that machines are back up and running in the shortest time.

Enhance Machine Visibility

With your machine inventory managed digitally in our system, all machine statuses will be updated in real-time. Allowing you to have a complete view of all your machines and proactively plan for your production needs.

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