Facilitate mechanics to streamline

preventive maintenance
preventive maintenance rapid repair changeover planning

reduce production downtime

LTmechanic is a cloud-based mechanic management solution that is to improve efficiency in operations and supply chain management. It is primarily designed for manufacturers to enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance, shorten changeover time, fasten machine repairs and minimize production downtime (NPT).

Preventive maintenance
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LTmechanic is a computerized maintenance management system that provides real-time data for asset management and tracks every single machine on each sewing line to provide visibility of machine status, instant alert of problems, and machine performance analysis.

Improve Mechanic Efficiency

Through our maintenance management software’s instant alert function, mechanics are immediately notified of a machine breakdown. It allows them to react, respond, and resolve machine problems faster and lower production NPT. In addition, our industrial engineering software can help assist line balance and improve overall system’s efficiency.

Reduce Non-Productive Time

Machine repair time is tracked in the maintenance management system so that it gets easier to measure each mechanic’s performance. Our omputerized maintenance software ensures that the mechanic team works more efficiently and resolves machine problems in the shortest time.

Enhance Machine Visibility

With your machine inventory managed digitally in the system, all machinery statuses will be updated in real-time. Allowing your mechanic team to have a complete view of all machines and proactively plan for your production needs, be it preventive maintenance or routine inspection.

Digital Real-Time Andon
(for production)

Line leaders can use the mobile app to report problems directly to the mechanic team to facilitate a quick response. Mechanics can react faster to machine breakdown with mobile device reporting and notification and minimize production downtime.

Digital real-time and on
Changeover planning

Changeover Planning

The changeover planning feature of this preventive maintenance software facilitates the scheduling problem and lacks the pre-planning and preparation process of the machine changeovers in apparel manufacturers. The system enables your mechanic (ME) team, the quality (QA) team, and the industrial engineers (IE) team to have a seamless workflow and minimize the changeover process time (COPT).

Built-in Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

Move from a reactive to a proactive approach and keep all machines in the best operating condition with the preventive maintenance tools in the LTmechanic system. This software can help in performing preventive maintenance and routine inspection that can increase machine lifespans, reduce machine
breakdown, and maximize team productivity with real-time dashboards.

Built-in preventive maintenance scheduler
Machine management

Machine Management

After recording and tracking every machine using the LTmechanic maintenance management software, users can now have complete visibility of machines’ status and valuable data of all machines throughout the factory by their brand, historical problems, and downtime information.

Achieve Significant Results with LTmechanic

Our client achieved significant results within only six months of implementing LTmechanic.

Reduce breakdown time
Save $12,000 worth of monthly value

Why LTmechanic?

Over the years, maintenance strategies used in apparel manufacturing businesses have evolved. The main focus is on understanding how a streamlined preventive maintenance process can extend the life of machines, increase productivity, and improve overall efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. LTmechanic is the solution to this age-old problem. This computerized maintenance management system enables your maintenance team to function at its best.

Now you do not have to rely on Excel spreadsheets to document a work request, conduct inventory management, and keep track of overall workflow. Now you can schedule, organize, track, and optimize all your maintenance tasks in one place with just a few clicks.

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What our customers are saying

LTLabs solution allows us to take control of our shop floor and have instant real-time visibility into quality performance across the production.

Sheryll Q.

QA Manager

Instead of manual reports, we can access and extract all reports instantly now. As a result, the system has saved us a lot of time and resources.

Marites S.

ME Manager

It's a worthwhile investment, and we see a lot of opportunities to grow with LTLabs. Right now, we are in discussion of implementing new solutions with them in the upcoming year.

Asokan M.

Operations Director

We were impressed by how accessible and user-friendly their solutions are, compared to those available in the market.

Al M.

IT Manager

Instead of spending hours, our factory’s inspection process is more efficient and takes a few seconds to record defects. In addition, our QA team can now detect and react to any defective product at its source resulting in a much lower defect rate during production.

Ratha V.

Business Development Process

We have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of our mechanic team. Mechanics can now get notified immediately via the mobile app and resolve machine problems at a much faster rate.

Anuradha G.

Production Manager

Within one year of implementing the LTquality solution, we saw a 94% decrease in defective products. This is a huge win for us.

Jaevany T.

QA Manager

They are a clear winner for us as a vendor. With their integration technology, our systems are now seamlessly connected to work and share across the production with the teams.

Dulan S.

Production Sr. Manager


” Preventive maintenance software is one of the core components of a computerized maintenance management system. It helps businesses maximize their resources, minimize operational downtime, extend asset life spans and reduce costs of maintaining assets. ”
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“Plan and schedule preventative maintenance. Manage work orders efficiently. Manage spare parts inventory. Eliminate paperwork. Enhance productivity. Reduce downtime and repair costs. Increase safety. Keep a finger on the pulse of your organization. Ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Reduce overtime.”
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