Why You Should Invest in Smart Technology for Your Apparel Business


In this digital era, almost every business is adapting to new technological advancements, and the textile industry is no exception. Over the last few decades, the industry has undergone a complete transformation and the outcome is extremely encouraging.

Now, there is no denying the fact that implementing digital solutions in your apparel business can help in reducing overall operation costs and enhance productivity. However, basic machines that were being used originally are still very much a part of the process. The industrial revolution introduced some advanced and new textile technologies to maximize the efficiency of these existing machines. This included streamlining repetitive operations by automating them which led to better utilization of human resources. For example, if you replace your manual quality inspection with smart fabric inspection software, it will help you enhance the overall quality without requiring any additional time and effort. Besides this, an apparel business can also achieve better quality by implementing smart textile technology.

Given all these benefits, investing in smart textile technology is a wise decision. But the main struggle in adapting to these technological advancements is how to get started. This is when LTLabs steps in and makes things easier for apparel business owners.

A Closer Look at the LT Connect Suite

LT Connect Suite is an extensive network of manufacturing execution systems (MES) that can be used to implement technology in textile businesses. From a comprehensive mechanic management system to smart fabric inspection software, an automated system to streamline warehouse operations to a centralized system for storing important production floor data in one place, here you can find a tool for almost everything.

Let’s discuss what LT Connect Suite offers: –


LTLabs’ TEAMconnect is a sophisticated, user-centric system that can help apparel business owners who want to take a step towards digital transformation. It includes 3 different applications that help businesses automate their operations and maximize the efficiency of their teams.


LTquality is an end-to-end quality inspection solution that allows an apparel business to streamline its quality inspection through digital interface-driven processes. With the help of this solution, it gets easier to capture defective products on the sewing lines. It also provides real-time data for the quality check that can be further used to take corrective measures to solve the quality issues across the production.

Key features of LTquality include fabric inspection, general inspection, in-line and end-line inspection, and a digital traffic light system. This smart fabric inspection software helps businesses achieve high-quality products with zero defects, reduce operational costs, and meet shipment deadlines.


This solution is for the industrial engineering team that helps optimize the shop floor’s productivity and line efficiency. LTie is a system that provides line setup suggestions while keeping the line balancing and monitors NPT throughout the production process. A digital operator skills matrix is generated by capturing the operator’s machine skills and operational effi­ciency. On the basis of this skill matrix, it gets easier to reshuffle the operators in a way to maximize efficiency.


It is a cloud-based mechanic management solution that helps apparel businesses to enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance, shorten changeover time, fasten machine repairs, and streamline preventive maintenance to minimize production downtime (NPT). This system tracks every single machine on each sewing line and provides real-time data. The line leader can report a problem and a mechanic instantly gets notified to perform the required repair(s). If a particular machine needs any repair, this system also gives an instant alert based on the machine’s performance analysis.


FACTORYconnect is a comprehensive solution that is best suited for apparel businesses that have already started the journey of digitizing their businesses. We understand that a factory is the central part of any business’s production process and this solution will help you make sure that they are functioning well. FACTORYconnect includes 2 applications to optimize the factory operations of an apparel business: –


This is an end-to-end warehouse management solution that helps businesses to streamline their warehouse operations, accurately track inbound material shipments, and locate the fabric rolls across the warehouse in real-time. This, in turn, leads to better inventory management and efficiency maximization in apparel business.


This production management solution provides end-to-end visibility of the entire production line. This track and trace solution allows apparel business owners to track all the production process in real time. This way, it gets easier to avoid any potential bottlenecks and meet the delivery deadlines.

Once you crack the code of how to use the latest innovative technology for your apparel business, there is nothing that can stop you. With LTLabs’ wide range of digital solutions, you can make a massive difference in the production process of your apparel business and take the quality of the deliverables to another level.

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