What Does a Warehouse Management System Do?

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In the apparel industry, there are several different aspects that lay the foundation of a manufacturing business, with warehouse management being the most important one. In simple words, warehouse management is a process of ensuring that materials and products are moved across the warehouse smoothly. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than simply arranging the raw materials and finished products in a systematic manner. Effective warehouse management also includes things like optimising inventory, recycling dead stock, etc. And, the most important thing of all is keeping an accurate stock count of each variant, colour, style, and size.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

In today’s highly competitive scenario, businesses are on the constant lookout for ways to stand out among others and offer their customers the best. The importance of effective warehouse management cannot be denied, as it helps you ensure consistent production and on-time product delivery. Gone are the days when businesses used to perform complex warehouse operations manually. The simple reason behind this is that manual warehouse management used to require a significant amount of effort and time.

Taking a step towards digitization, businesses now use warehouse management systems. As the name suggests, an automated system that manages inventory and carries out several other tasks in warehouses is known as a warehouse management system. A WMS makes it possible for business owners to know exactly what is in stock at any given time, giving them better visibility of the production floor. Other than this, it also helps an apparel manufacturing business make the most of its space, time, and human efforts.

The Road Ahead

The main challenge for apparel business owners is to choose an efficient warehouse management solution, as there are plenty of options available in the market. To provide them with a solution to this common problem, LTLabs offers a reliable cloud-based system called LTwarehouse. This cloud-based WMS can help an apparel business enhance its overall efficiency through benefits like tracking inventory and material arrivals in real-time along with inbound shipping and receiving, material requests, etc.

The best thing about LTwarehouse is that it is a dependable warehouse management system for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Let’s discuss what it has to offer:

Key Benefits

  • Track Material Arrival
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Real-time Inventory

Key Features

Here are the key features of this warehouse management system:

  • Inbound Shipment & Receiving
    • View all incoming shipments and their status in one location.
    • Mark as ‘arrived’ to update the status of receiving
    • Available to be viewed as a dashboard for the warehouse area
    • Sync with ERP or add directly into the web application for one-off shipments
    • Generate and print SKU labels.
  • Inventory Management
    • Switch between different warehouses to view your inventory.
    • Scan materials’ SKUs to check inventory levels.
    • Scan materials and location QR code to put away, pick, and dispatch
    • Search the complete warehouse by material attributes to quickly find your inventory.
  • Material Requests
    • View work orders directly from the mobile app.
    • Scan items to pick from the warehouse.
    • Dispatch directly or send to holding area to be dispatched
    • Changes in material status will be available for ERP syncing.
  • Warehouse Management
    • Create multiple warehouses for different inventory based on factory needs.
    • Customize each warehouse by type and layout.
    • Easily switch between warehouses to manage them together or separately.

Are you also an apparel manufacturing business owner planning to make a move towards digitization? Explore our wide range of comprehensive digital solutions designed specifically for the apparel industry.


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