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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused almost every industry to come to a standstill. Now that things are have got back to normal, digitization is one of the fastest-emerging trends in the post-pandemic world. This also means that sticking to the same old processes is not going to help achieve new goals. As digitization is drastically reshaping industry after industry, the garment manufacturing sector has also made a move towards transformation. Businesses are putting in a great amount of effort to capture the benefits of ongoing trends and to keep up with competitors. There is no denying the fact that all kinds of transformations are hard, but digital ones are a little bit harder. Less than 50% of the businesses that take this route manage to successfully improve their performance while sustaining these changes in the long run. While some others bring a significant improvement in performance, those improvements are not permanent.

That being said, starting the journey towards digitization is a challenge in itself, but achieving the desired results is not an easy thing to do either. If you’ve been struggling with the same problem, here is the solution for you.

Use a Comprehensive Digital Solution

Yes, you read it right! The concept of digitization is not limited to storing information data on a computer and using computer-controlled cutting or sewing machines. This goes way beyond these things. Digitization also includes real-time performance measurement, discovering patterns in the data, etc. Other than this, businesses should have a dependable end-to-end digital solution (tools and applications). This not only helps in maximizing the efficiency of the human resources involved in the process but also reduces operational costs in the long run.

Although there are a number of digital solutions on the market, always choose the ones that fit your business and serve the main purpose. This will not only help you make the most of technology in your textile business but also take it to new heights of success.

How can LTLabs help?

Choosing a digital solution for your apparel business can prove to be a daunting task; this is where LTLabs steps in. Our LT Connect Suite is an extensive network of cloud-based solutions that include a tool/application for everything, be it supply chain digitization, warehouse automation, preventive maintenance of machinery, or something else.


LTLabs’ TEAMconnect is a solution that helps you maximize the efficiency of different teams in your apparel business. It includes three different applications that serve different purposes:


This is an advanced, end-to-end quality inspection software that makes things easier for your quality inspection team and streamlines the process. It also helps in capturing any defects in the product while on the sewing lines. With the help of the real-time data it provides, the occurrence of any quality-related issues can be minimized.


LTie is an industrial engineering solution designed to enhance the efficiency of your industrial engineering team. This tool can do a lot of things, such as providing line setup suggestions, monitoring NPT (non-productive time) throughout the production process, generating a digital operator skills matrix, etc.


This mechanic management solution helps with better preventive maintenance in your apparel businesses. With this application, every single machine on each sewing line gets tracked in real-time. On the basis of that data, any issue is reported, leading to faster repairs.


As the name suggests, LTLabs’ FACTORYconnect helps your apparel businesses by ensuring smooth factory operations. It includes two different applications, which are:


This is an efficient tool that you can use to streamline the warehouse operations of your apparel business. It helps with things like real-time tracking of all inbound material shipments, inventory management, etc.


LTproduction gives you end-to-end visibility of the entire production line in your apparel business. By being able to track all the supplies, materials, and finished goods in real time, you can mitigate any potential bottlenecks and meet the deadlines.

All our solutions have been designed to serve different yet crucial stages of the apparel manufacturing cycle. You can explore our entire range and choose a solution that meets the specific needs of your business

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