Understanding the Future of Warehouse Management Systems

Understanding the Future of Warehouse Management Systems

The apparel industry is one of the fastest-growing ones, as the demands and expectations of customers are constantly increasing. For every apparel manufacturing business, it is important to achieve inventory accuracy and coordinate order fulfillment. This is a part of warehouse management that not only helps mitigate any delivery bottlenecks but also ensures enhanced customer service. When done manually, this warehouse management can be a time-consuming and complicated thing to do. This is when the need for a smart warehouse management system arises.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system is a software solution that is designed to simplify complex warehouse operations. It helps you keep track of all the warehouse activities in your apparel manufacturing business. Other than this, a WMS includes all the important information about your stock, which makes it easier to locate the fabric rolls across the production floor.

When you have digitized records of all the incoming items, it gets easier to verify that you are receiving the right quantity at the right time. As a result, you gain better visibility into your production line. In short, this digital solution helps you ensure that all the warehouse processes run as efficiently and accurately as possible.


Here are some of the major benefits of using a warehouse management solution for your business:

  • Optimized Space and Lower Operating Expenses
  • Better Inventory Visibility
  • Effective Labor Management
  • Optimized Supply Chain

There are several different types of warehouse management systems, each with its own advantages. It is important that you choose a WMS solution that meets the specific requirements of your apparel business.

How Can LTLabs Help?

If you are looking for a dependable warehouse management system, your search ends here. LTLabs offers a smart WMS solution, LTwarehouse, which is specifically designed for apparel manufacturing businesses.

LTwarehouse is a system that can give your factory an increased competitive advantage by enabling you to administer warehouse operations, accurately track your inbound material shipments, and locate your fabric rolls across your production floor in real time. The ultimate goal is to provide your warehouse with higher efficiency and enhanced inventory management. This will support your operational requirements and ease any business complexities.

Let’s discuss what it has to offer:

Key Benefits

  • Track Material Arrival
  • Increase Operation Efficiency
  • Real-time Inventory

Key Features

  • Inbound Shipment & Receiving
    • View all incoming shipments and status in one location
    • Mark as arrived to update the status of receiving
    • Available to be viewed as a dashboard for the warehouse area
    • Sync with ERP or add directly into the web application for one-off shipments
    • Generate and print SKU labels
  • Inventory Management
    • Switch between different warehouses to view your inventory
    • Scan materials SKU to check inventory levels
    • Scan materials and location QR code to put away, pick, and dispatch
    • Search complete warehouse by material attributes to quickly find your inventory
  • Material Requests
    • View work orders directly from the mobile app
    • Scan items to pick from the warehouse
    • Dispatch directly or send to holding area to be dispatched
    • Changes in material status will be available for ERP sync
  • Warehouse Management
    • Create multiple warehouses for different inventory based on factory needs
    • Customize each warehouse by type and layout
    • Easily switch between warehouses to manage them together or separately

With so many advanced features, this comprehensive system is the future of warehouse management. To find more solutions for your apparel manufacturing business, explore our complete range.

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