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The term textile can be defined as a woven or knitted fabric made from yarn. However, apart from fibre, yarn, and fabric, any other product made from these combinations is also known as textile. In the simplest words, anything that is associated with clothing production is a part of the textile industry. It is a well-known fact that it is one of the five largest industries in the world, and contributes significantly to the global economy. The global textile industry is estimated to account for approximately 2% of the world’s GDP [source].

As we approach a new decade, every sector is making a move towards modernization, and the textile industry is no exception. Over the years, this industry has undergone a lot of changes to adapt to the changing environment. By implementing new methods of production and distribution, apparel businesses all over the world are now more than ready to adapt to the latest trends in the textile industry.

Let’s dive deeper and have a look at some of the latest trends in the textile industry:

Environmental Sustainability

The textile industry has also been identified as a major source of pollution in the environment. This is the reason why most manufacturers are looking for sustainable materials. These novel materials are being acquired from various sources available in nature, such as algae, leftover coffee grounds, and soured milk. It is one of the most popular future trends in the textile industry.

Non-Woven Fabrics

Another popular textile trend of 2022 is non-woven fabrics. Instead of weaving the fabrics, they are hard pressed, which eventually reduces the requirement for manual labor, making it a cost-effective and less labour-intensive solution for the textile industry. Apart from that, non-woven fabrics are extremely hygienic, making them an ideal choice for the healthcare industry.


Automation can be defined as the implementation of new and innovative digital solutions to reduce the use of papers involved in the process to make the production more efficient, streamline and real-time . It is one of the latest textile trends and not only ensures smooth business operations but also maximizes overall productivity.

The Road Ahead

LTLabs has decade of experience in the textile industry and assists manufacturers in optimizing their performance, increasing production and keeping up with the latest trends in the textile industry. We offer a comprehensive system that is designed to facilitate an end-to-end workflow and enhance the overall productivity of apparel manufacturing businesses.

Here is what the LT Connect Suite offers:


As the name suggests, LTLabs TEAMconnect is a solution that can help increase the efficiency of different teams in apparel business. It includes three different solutions that serve different purposes. These are:


LTquality is a cloud-based quality inspection solution that allows factories to capture defective products on the production lines. By providing real-time data for QC, it also ensures high-quality standards and helps an apparel business achieve zero defects.


This system provides line setup suggestions while keeping your line balancing and monitors NPT throughout production. It also generates a digital operator skills matrix by capturing the operator’s machine skills and operational efficiency.


This is an efficient mechanics management solution which is primarily designed for manufacturers to enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance. It also helps with reduced changeover time, faster machine repairs, and minimized production downtime (NPT).


This is a digital solution that can help businesses run their factory operations smoothly and enhance productivity. LTLabs Factoryconnect includes two applications which are focused on things like production management and warehouse management. These are:


This warehouse management solution helps in tracking all the inbound material shipments in real-time. Viewing all incoming shipments and status in one location and also view work orders directly from the mobile app. The LTwarehouse system allows you to acquire visibility of your raw materials and delivery schedules from your suppliers all the way till they arrive at your factory. Inventory management allows you to have real-time notification and reporting for quick decision making and improved production planning.


LTproduction is a comprehensive Track and Trace system optimized for the apparel, accessories, and footwear industries. It provides end-to-end status visibility of the production lines and helps in avoiding any delivery bottlenecks.

Apparel business owners can explore LT Labs complete range of digital solutions to find the one that fits their requirements. All our products can be used on a stand-alone basis or as a complete package, depending on the specific needs of your apparel business.

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