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Encompassing the entire lifecycle of product creation and distribution, from sourcing raw materials to delivery of completed products to end users, the supply chain is the backbone of any apparel manufacturing business. Supply chain management, which is the control, monitoring, and optimisation of the supply chain, was already undergoing digitisation as more and more companies had begun integrating supply chain management software into their operations. But, that was pre-2020.

One of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdowns was that manufacturers everywhere were harshly brought face to face with long-standing weaknesses that, they did not even know, plagued their supply chains. Not only did the pandemic fast-track progress towards the future of supply chain management, but it also highlighted the need to get the supply chain future-ready, with proper contingency plans in place as well.

What the Future of Supply Chain Management Looks Like

Brought forth by Industry 4.0, the fourth and the most disruptive industrial revolution yet, Supply Chain 4.0 is not just about optimising the manufacturing lifecycle, but also focuses on advanced planning processes like analytical demand planning. Preparing for the future, supply chain technology has already started transforming how the industry works. Leveraging existing, emerging, and future supply chain technology can help brands keep up with the growing consumer expectations, constantly increasing shift towards personalisation of services, etc.

Digitalisation and implementing advanced technology for the future of supply chain management are how apparel businesses will be able to address consumer requirements, helping create a supply chain that is:

  • Faster: Advanced forecasting approaches, like performing a predictive analysis for internal data (demand) and external data (trends, holidays, weather, etc.) and equipment status data for a very accurate forecast of consumer demands, will help optimise delivery times.
  • More Flexible: Flexible and prompt reactions to evolving demand situations with ad-hoc and real-time planning will help enhance the efficiency of the supply chain in the future. The supply chain will be able to react dynamically to changes or new constraints in requirements and resources.
  • Granularised: A significant rise in consumer demand for increasingly personalised experiences is already changing the way industries work, giving a push towards audience micro-segments. The mass implementation of transport concepts like drone delivery will add more convenience to last-mile deliveries as well.
  • Highly Accurate: The real-time, end-to-end transparency throughout supply chains with next-gen performance management systems can provide a basis of joint information for all stakeholders.
  • Extremely Efficient: Automation of physical as well as planning tasks, automated warehouse operations, autonomous trucks, cross-company logistics optimisation, etc., with a continuously optimised network will significantly boost supply chain efficiency.

How It Works

Stepping into the future of supply chain management is not just about implementing new technologies to the existing supply chain management system; it is also about choosing the right ones. To make things easier for you, LTLabs offers a wide array of comprehensive digital solutions that you can choose from and transform your apparel business.

LTLabs has the LT Connect Suite, an effective way of digitising the supply chain management of your apparel manufacturing business. It includes a number of solutions that you can choose from at your convenience.

TEAMconnect: LTLabs TEAMconnect has been designed to minimize human efforts required for repetitive tasks. This helps you to deploy those resources in areas where they are actually required.

There are 3 solutions that are part of the TEAMconnect solution:

  • LTquality
  • LTie
  • LTmechanic

FACTORYconnect: As the name suggests, FACTORYconnect is a comprehensive solution that will help you optimize factory processes and maximize the productivity of your apparel manufacturing business. It consists of 3 different solutions:

  • LTwarehouse
  • LTproduction
  • LTcutting

BUSINESSconnect: You need access to the production floor data in order to make effective business decisions. With BUSINESSconnect, you will be able to capture this data in real-time which results in smoother business operations. This solution also consists of 3 solutions:

  • LTmanagement
  • LTbrand
  • LTdevelopment


Find a solution that fits your requirements. Our products can be used on a stand-alone basis or as a complete package, depending on the specific needs of your apparel business.

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