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Consumer needs are always evolving with time and it falls into the purview of the manufacturer to ensure they can keep up. Today, customers are looking for higher quality in the products they buy and faster production speeds have become the call of the hour. However, when it comes to the apparel industry, manufacturers are as of now able to keep their pace up to match the changing demands of their consumers.

This adaptability that most manufacturers are able to showcase can be attributed to the most recent introduction of a new production era, with industry 4.0 and Smart Factory Manufacturing, which builds an integrated ecosystem that works to increase the efficiency of apparel manufacturing units.

Industry 4.0: What is Smart Factory?

Technical advancements in the world also have their effect on the global production industry, and whenever production methodology or technology experiences a paradigm shift, stepping into new premises that are completely different from what used to be conventional, marks another ‘industrial revolution’. It started in the 18th century with the First Industrial Revolution, when steam power helped mechanise production.

Today, the 4th Industrial Revolution is being implemented, and the era has been given the moniker ‘Industry 4.0’ wherein computers and software have become integral parts of manufacturing. The many aspects of Industry 4.0 can define what Smart Factory is and what it is expected to become.

While this is a basic idea of what Industry 4.0 is, Smart Factory itself has sprung from the IIoT concept. It aspires to create manufacturing environments that involve complete smart factory automation of operations, supported by an intelligent network of industrial engineering software and systems to reduce the use of manual data entry that need human intervention in the operations of the manufacturing floor. A smart factory is a place where data exchange between all elements of the manufacturing chain runs the automated processes.

With every process cycle, the machine learning element is fuelled, allowing the entire value chain to adjust and become even more efficient.

What Do Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory Bring to the Apparel Industry?

With the advancements in technology and supply chain efficiency, Smart Factory manufacturing is proving to be quite beneficial for the apparel industry. The connectivity of IIoT and manufacturing capabilities of 3D printers are just in the nascent stage of the smart factory concept and surely have a lot in store for the future. Here are some benefits that Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory have already brought into the apparel industry:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Better Customer Relationships
  • Better Decision making based on the data

How It Works

Now that you know how smart factory manufacturing can benefit your apparel manufacturing business, let’s discuss its implementation. At first, it might seem like a very complicated thing to do, which it is not. With LT Labs’ wide range of digital solutions, things get much easier. LT Connect Suite offers you several manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions that you can choose from and digitally transform the production line and all other aspects of your apparel business.

Here is what you get with the LT Connect Suite:


FACTORYconnect: As the name implies, this is a solution you can use to optimize your factory processes and enhance productivity. With its three different solutions you can minimize the manual data process of the factory floor:

  • LTwarehouse: This helps you to acquire visibility of your raw materials at the warehouse with easy data management and tracking.
  • LTproduction: With this comprehensive track and trace system, you get clear visibility of your production floor. By predicting any kind of delivery bottlenecks in advance, it also allows you to take proactive actions to avoid such situations.
  • LTcutting: This tool bridges the gap between raw material production and matches the fabric with your PO for end-to-end traceability.


TEAMconnect: This solution has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your work line floor. Using this, you can digitally capture, track, and reduce any defects in the fabrics and finished goods. TEAMconnect also includes three solutions, which are:

  • LTquality – Using this, you can digitally capture, track, and reduce any defects in the fabrics and finished goods with real time data tracking.
  • LTie – Streamline your work floor using digital operator skills matrix which helps in aligning resources with the maximum efficient line setup
  • LTmechanic- Designed for manufacturers to enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance, shorten changeover time, fasten machine repairs, and minimize production downtime (NPT)


BUSINESSconnect: This is another solution which is a part of the LT Connect Suite. It helps you run your apparel manufacturing business efficiently by providing you with all the important production floor information. With the help of this data, you will be able to make better business decisions. With the BUSINESSconnect solution, you get access to three different solutions:

  • LTmanagement
  • LTbrand
  • LTdevelopment

We understand that every business has different requirements, and this is why we offer a wide array of cloud-based solutions. You can choose the one that meets the specific requirements of your apparel business. Click here To know more about our solutions schedule a demo now. `




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