Reasons to Accelerate Digital Supply Chain Management Software

Reasons to Accelerate Digital Supply Chain Management Software

In a business, the supply chain can be defined as the flow of goods, services, money, and information both within and among different business entities such as suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. The process of managing all the different elements of a supply chain in a streamlined manner is called supply chain management. Effective supply chain management is crucial for every business, and apparel manufacturing businesses are no exception. This not only ensures the timely delivery of products to the end user but also reduces operational costs to a significant level.

Need for Digitization in Supply Chain Management

In today’s time, more and more business owners are inclining towards digitization, and not a single aspect of business remains unaffected by this. There is no denying the fact that the efficiency of the supply chain management process is a key factor in determining the success of an apparel business. As a result, new technologies are being introduced every day to provide a solution to bind the different stages of the supply chain of a business together.

Amidst today’s rapidly changing fashion trends and new quality standards, if you want your apparel business to stand out, it’s time to take a step towards digitization. Efficient supply chain management software can help you take control of things and reduce operational costs.


Here are some benefits of using supply chain management software for your business:

  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Better Visibility
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Improved Risk Mitigation
  • Lesser Delivery Bottlenecks
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

How LTLabs can help?

Choosing dependable supply chain management software can be quite a task. But, this is where LTLabs steps in! We are offering LT Connect Suite, an end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) that can help you make a move towards digitization. It includes a number of cloud-based solutions that can help you increase the productivity of your apparel manufacturing business.

Let’s have a look at what LT Connect Suite offers:


TEAMconnect is a solution designed to increase the efficiency of various teams involved in your apparel business. It has three different applications:

LTquality: This is an end-to-end quality inspection solution that helps streamline the quality inspection process.

LTie: This is an industrial engineering solution that aims to maximize the efficiency of your industrial engineering team. It provides line setup suggestions, monitors NPT, and generates a skill matrix by capturing the machine skills and operational efficiency of different operators.

LTmechanic: This is a mechanic management solution that tracks every single machine on each sewing line and provides real-time data. By using this, you can level up the preventive maintenance strategy of your business.


FACTORYconnect is a reliable solution that ensures smooth factory operations for your apparel business. It includes two different applications:

LTwarehouse:  LTwarehouse can help your business streamline its warehouse operations. It also results in better inventory management and maximised efficiency.

LTproduction: This solution helps you gain end-to-end visibility of the entire production line in your apparel business. You can also track all the supplies, materials, and finished goods in real time.

We understand that every business has different requirements. Explore our range to find a solution that matches the specific requirements of your apparel manufacturing business.

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