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Digitalization is the way forward for every industry, even those as traditional as apparel businesses. Despite being one of the fastest-growing sectors, the apparel industry has not seen the proactive digitalization of supply chain management. However, things are changing for the greater good as more and more manufacturers show a strong inclination towards embracing this change. The reason for this eagerness can be down to several factors, be it growing consumer demands, rising labor costs, or something else. The fact is that several garment manufacturing companies are now venturing out of their comfort zone to explore digital solutions for their business.

The major issues of using the traditional supply chain in the garment industry are: –

  • Demand Volatility
  • Production Volatility
  • Transparency
  • Higher Lead times
  • Perishability

Why Is There a Need for Digitalization?

Every time there is a mention of digitalizing processes in the manufacturing industry, the very first question that comes to a manufacturer’s mind is – does my business need it?

The simple answer to this question is ‘YES’. The traditional supply chain involves several simple steps, including Raw Material Collection, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Consumption These steps make it a time-consuming process. Gone are the days when manufacturing used to be all about those long work hours involving manual labor and the process used to include paper drawings, 2D schematics, spec sheets, etc. Things are much simpler now and a lot more organized. By taking non-digital formats of information and turning them into digital formats, it gets easier to overcome common issues and improve the efficiency and productivity of your garment manufacturing unit.

What are the Key Benefits of this Transition?

There is no denying the fact that managing every small thing manually is a time-consuming process, especially when production needs to be done in mass quantities. Here are the major benefits of digitalization that are helping it shape the apparel industry: –

Better Visibility: This helps you gain visibility of every stage of the product lifecycle and monitor every single operation in a more streamlined manner. You can identify gaps in real-time and avoid any disruptions by addressing them at the right time.

Flexibility: With a digital supply chain management solution, your business will have the flexibility to centralize specific functions.

Supply Chain Glitch Elimination: When you have complete access to the data and can keep a track of the inventory, you can do away with stocking issues i.e. neither run out of stock nor order too much.

Minimized Lead Time: By digitalizing the supply chain of a business, you can massively reduce the wait times. This leads to orders which get executed much faster.

Better Decision-Making: Once the supply chain is digitalized, it gets easier to make quick and well-informed decisions for every specific function of your business. The reason behind that is that you can now accurately measure the performance and then take the decisions accordingly.

More Customer Engagement: With a digitalized supply chain, you can increase customer engagement. For example, if you have an automated tracking system in place, your customers can track the status of their order and this will result in enhancing the overall user experience.

How to Digitalize Your Garment Manufacturing Business?

Digitalization does not always include complicated processes or, for that matter, hefty investments in advanced software or machinery. The core idea is to optimize the overall factory process based on the available data. To start with, you should keep a track of information like: –

  • Effective working time of the employees
  • Lead time and value of the stock
  • Energy consumption

When you gain a clear insight into these aspects, you can start improving the overall production flow for increased productivity.

 How LTLabs Solve These Everyday Challenges

LTLabs provides digital solutions to garment manufacturers which are built on expansive research, rich industry experience, and cutting-edge technology, to improve their supply chain management. With years of experience in the industry, we are not just another digital solutions provider; we work with you as a partner that collaborates closely to achieve the efficiency you have been aiming to achieve.

We have an in-depth understanding of everyday challenges faced by a manufacturing unit. Our array of solutions helps overcome production obstacles on the production floor to transform your business and take it to the next level.  Our solutions are designed to help your business increase its efficiency, reduce waste and gather the data needed to further improve the supply chain.

 A Solution for Every Business Size

LTLabs Connect Suite is a complete range of digital solutions: –

Team Connect

  • LTq (Quality)
  • LTm (Mechanic)
  • LTie (Industrial Engineering)

Factory Connect

  • LTw (Warehouse)
  • LTp (production)
  • LTc (Cutting)

Business Connect

  • LT Management
  • LT Development
  • LT Brand

 Making It All Work

Our solutions employ touch-screen technology to inspect the quality of fabric and look for any defects and then, all the pictures get uploaded to the Cloud. Another major feature is being able to determine the average speed of workers, which allows managers to figure out which operators are most effective on which machine. It also involves real-time in-line and end-line production monitoring where the data gets displayed on large screens. This way managers and workers, everyone has an idea where the delays are happening. LTLabs also provides data to brand owners, allowing them to gauge the efficiency of the factories they use.

The ultimate goal of digitalizing the supply chain of an apparel manufacturing business is to enable clear insights so that its efficiency can be improved, and productivity can be increased. With a digital supply chain, your business can better utilize resources, assets, and inventory in a way that reduces costs. Using solutions from LTLabs, you can capture real-time data to improve the factory floor in a real-time environment and do a lot more.

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