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Preventive Maintenance software

There are two types of maintenance strategies used in every manufacturing unit: reactive and proactive. In reactive maintenance, any action is taken only when a problem arises or a particular machine breaks down. Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, involves taking the necessary precautions and actions to prevent the occurrence of any failures before they happen.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Any type of maintenance that is not reactive (performed as a response to a problem) is known as preventive maintenance. Maintenance tasks are carried out in accordance with a predetermined schedule. This helps businesses take care of any issues at an early stage and prevent them from becoming bigger problems requiring costly fixes. Periodic preventive maintenance can go a long way in keeping all the equipment in your apparel manufacturing business running smoothly.

Based on the procedure used for preventive maintenance, it has several different types. These are:

  • Time-based maintenance: In this type of maintenance strategy, maintenance tasks are performed at a fixed interval.
  • Usage-based maintenance: For this type of preventive maintenance, the main factor that is taken into account is the average daily usage of the equipment. On the basis of this data, a due date is decided for a future inspection or maintenance task.
  • Condition-based maintenance: In condition-based maintenance, any kind of repairs or maintenance tasks are scheduled after determining the present condition of the equipment.


One of the most significant advantages of preventive maintenance is the reduced likelihood of unexpected equipment failures. Other than this, there are a few more benefits of implementing a preventive maintenance strategy, such as:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Lesser Safety Risks
  • Higher Levels of Operational Efficiency

The Solution

Now the main question arises: how to do preventive maintenance in the most effective manner. The answer to this is – by using a dependable preventive maintenance solution. LTLabs LTmechanic is a comprehensive system that will take care of all the preventive maintenance activities required for your apparel manufacturing business.

Let’s have a closer look at what LTmechanic offers:

What is LTmechanic?

LTmechanic is a cloud-based mechanic management solution that helps you enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance. It provides real-time data for asset management and tracks every single machine on each sewing line to provide visibility of machine status, instant alerts of problems, and machine performance analysis. This system can be used to streamline preventive maintenance, shorten changeover times, and fasten machine repairs.

Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits of this solution:

  • Improved Mechanic Efficiency
  • Minimized Non-productive Time
  • Enhanced Machine Visibility

Key Features

Some of the key features of LTmechanic are:

  • Digital Real-Time Andon (for production)


  • Line Leader can report machine problems via mobile device
  • Instant notification alerts to the mechanic
  • An option to upload photos of the machine problem
  • Real-time ticket status on the web dashboard


  • Changeover Planning


  • Provides calendar of the upcoming schedule of the changeover
  • An option to create a job list/checklist of the machines that need to be prepared
  • Shows available and active machines on the mobile application


  • Built-in Preventive Maintenance Scheduler


  • Oversee all machine maintenance status with the built-in calendar
  • Show calendar of the upcoming maintenance schedule for all machines
  • Customized checklist for repair and preventive maintenance
  • Create maintenance tickets directly from the web application


  • Machine Management


  • Real-time visibility of all machines’ conditions and statutes
  • Access to downtime data with real-time web dashboards
  • Real-time reporting to help the team prioritize attention.

Seeking end-to-end solutions for your apparel manufacturing business? The strategic suite of software solutions offered by LTLabs is just what your business needs to get systematic and better organized.

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