Is Fabric Inspection Software Worth the Investment?

Is Fabric Inspection Software Worth the Investment

In the apparel manufacturing industry, fabric inspection is one of the most important aspects of a business. It ensures that the end consumer always gets high-quality products that are free from any kind of defect. In simple words, fabric inspection is a procedure that assesses the quality of the raw materials (prior to the garment production) and of partially stitched and completely finished products in terms of color, density, weight, printing, measurement, etc.

Need for Fabric Inspection Software

There is no denying the fact that manual defect recording is a complicated and time-consuming process. Apart from that, it also has higher chance of errors recurring. To make sure that all the products in your production line are defect-free and meet present-day quality standards, using a smart fabric checking system is the best option.

Efficient quality inspection software can enable instant defect identification and real-time reporting. When the quality management team gets information about a defect as soon as it is spotted, they can take immediate action without wasting any time. This way, you can not only get the quality issues resolved in a timely manner but also minimize the losses and reduce the operational costs to a great extent. In addition to this, it will increase the production efficiency of the apparel manufacturing business as well.


Here are a few major benefits of using fabric inspection software:

Better Quality Control

Fabric inspection software eases the process of defect identification and ensures that your production line is completely free from any kind of defect. This way, the overall efficiency of your quality management team is increased, resulting in better quality control.

Reduced Wastage

With advanced technology, it becomes easier to identify and keep a record of product defects. These quality-related issues can be easily overlooked by QCs when they record the defects manually. An efficient quality inspection system not only speeds up the process of quality checking but also ensures minimum fabric wastage.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

The quality of a product is something that no customer would want to compromise on. With a dependable fabric quality inspection system, you can make sure that your end products meet quality standards and that your customers are always offered the best.


Implementing an advanced fabric inspection system may seem like an expensive option at first. But this helps you report any kind of product or fabric defect as soon as it gets identified. This allows your quality management team to take the necessary action before it moves further down the production line. Ensuring minimum wastage proves to be a cost-effective option in the long run.

There are several types of fabric inspection based on the time when this is being performed, such as pre-production, mid-production, or post-production. So, you should always choose a fabric/textile inspection system that can help you record the defects identified during all three types of quality checks.

The Solution

LTLabs offers reliable quality inspection software, LTquality, which you can use in your apparel manufacturing business. This is a cloud-based quality inspection solution that can help you streamline quality inspection through digital interface-driven processes that will ultimately ensure high-quality standards for your products.

It also allows factories to capture defective products on the sewing lines during inspections while providing real-time data for the QC to immediately apply the proper corrective measures to solve the quality issues across the production.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve Zero Defects
  • Excel Shipment Targets
  • Reduce Operational Costs

Key Features

  • Fabric Inspection
    • Inspection Console
    • Defect Photos
    • Reporting
    • Flexible Integration
    • Fabric Type Criteria
  • General Inspection (Pre-Production)
  • In-line and End-line Inspection
    • Real-time Dashboard
    • Track Good Quality Output
    • Improve Product Quality
    • Improve Sewing Line Productivity
  • Digital Traffic Light System
    • Real-time data for quick response
    • Operator TLS promotes ownership
    • Configurable Traffic Light Setting
    • Smarter Decision Making

Are you looking for some other solutions as well for your apparel manufacturing business? If yes, explore our extensive range of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions and choose the one that matches your specific requirements.

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