Introduce Organisational Behaviour in Your Apparel Manufacturing Setup

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In every business, employee productivity is an extremely important factor in defining an organisation’s overall efficiency. While everyone is on the constant lookout for newer strategies to drive performance, the apparel industry is no exception. Amidst all this, the major role of organisational behaviour cannot be denied. The introduction of organisational behaviour in a garment business not only provides comprehensive insights into different aspects of the business but can also completely change how things work.

An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour

In the simplest words, organisational behaviour can be defined as the study and knowledge of how people act within an organisation, both as individuals and in groups. Gone are the days when businesses used to rely on manual ways to keep track of things and run day-to-day operations. In today’s times, when every industry is adapting to new and innovative methods, the increasing need for organisational behaviour modification is completely justified.

There is no denying the fact that the labor-intensive apparel industry majorly depends on the performance of its employees. So, organisational behaviour modification becomes all the more important to take your apparel manufacturing business to new heights. If you are also struggling with the same, you don’t have to worry! This is where LTLabs steps in.

Plan of Action

Our LT Connect Suite is a dependable system that includes a number of cloud-based solutions to facilitate an end-to-end workflow. Let’s discuss what this comprehensive system offers: –


This is a sophisticated, user-centric system that has three different applications. All these solutions have been designed to help businesses maximize the efficiency of their different teams.


As the name suggests, LTquality is an end-to-end quality inspection solution that can help your apparel business enhance the productivity of the quality team and streamline the quality inspection process. It gets easier to capture defective products on the sewing lines. And, with the help of real-time data it provides, you can minimize the occurrence of any quality-related issues.


LTie is an industrial engineering solution that aims to maximize the efficiency of your industrial engineering team. From providing line setup suggestions to monitoring NPT (Non-productive time) throughout the production process, this solution can do a lot. It also captures an operator’s machine skills and operational efficiency to generate a digital operator skills matrix. On the basis of that skill matrix, you can reshuffle the operators to maximize efficiency, if required.


This mechanic management solution helps apparel businesses to enable paperless tracking of machine maintenance. This system tracks every single machine on each sewing line and provides real-time data. LTmechanic also assists in the immediate reporting of an issue, and a mechanic is immediately notified to perform the necessary repair(s).


FACTORYconnect is a comprehensive solution that apparel businesses can use to ensure smooth factory operations. It includes 2 applications, which are: –


As the name suggests, this is an end-to-end warehouse management solution that helps businesses to streamline their warehouse operations. With real-time tracking of all inbound material shipments, it gets easier to locate the fabric rolls across the production floor. This also results in better inventory management and maximized efficiency in apparel business.


This production management solution helps you gain end-to-end visibility of the entire production line. You can track all the supplies, materials, and finished goods of your apparel business in real-time. This way, it gets easier to avoid any potential bottlenecks and meet the delivery deadlines.

All the digital solutions that are a part of the LT Connect Suite have been designed to serve different yet crucial stages of the apparel manufacturing cycle. You can explore our entire range and choose a solution that meets the specific needs of your apparel manufacturing business.

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