Importance of Using Industrial Engineering Software for Manufacturers

Industrial engineering solution

Industrial engineering is an integral part of every apparel manufacturing business, regardless of its size. There are so many challenges that a garment manufacturing business comes across every now and then. Some of the most common ones are increased production cost, shorter lead time, difficulties in meeting the production target, and wrong estimation of daily production goals. All these issues can only be resolved with the help of an efficient industrial engineering team.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is a simple concept that deals with the elimination of major challenges in a manufacturing process. These issues can be related to the wastage of time, man-hours, money, materials, machine time, energy, and any other resources. The main goal of the industrial engineering team in a business is to reduce the chances of any type of wastage by eliminating any non-value-adding factors. This not only helps to ensure optimum productivity while maximising efficiency and profitability but also improves the quality of end products.

Importance of Industrial Engineering Solution

In today’s time, every business is finding new ways to remain competitive, and there is absolutely no place for any type of delivery or quality-related issue. Although an efficient team of industrial engineers can take care of these issues while ensuring the effective utilisation of resources, there can be a few glitches at times. This is when the need for a digital industrial engineering solution arises. Some major benefits of using industrial engineering software are:

  • Maximized efficiency
  • Better Product Quality
  • Smooth Operations
  • Cost Reduction in the long run

Now that you know the importance of an industrial engineering solution, the main challenge is to find a suitable one. If you are also struggling with the same, here is a solution. LTLabs offers a comprehensive industrial engineering solution – LTie. Let’s have a look at what it offers:


LTie is a comprehensive solution designed to increase the efficiency of IE teams in an apparel manufacturing business. This system not only provides line setup suggestions while keeping the line balanced but also monitors NPT (non-productive time) throughout production. Other than this, LTie also generates a digital operator skills matrix by capturing the operator’s machine skills and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits

Here are the key benefits of using LTie for your business:

  • Effective Manpower Optimization
  • Achieve Perfect Order Fulfillment
  • Reduced Production Cost


Some important features of this software include:

  • Cloud-computing for line setup


  • Auto-generate line set up with the highest LBR
  • Drag and drop operators into stations
  • Split or merge operations by stations
  • Show operators list with matching skills and their past operations’ e­fficiency
  • Generate changeover report for mechanics and line leader


  • Real-time digital skills matrix


  • Update operator skills automatically from mobile time study
  • Determine line e­fficiency based on operators’ e­fficiency
  • Perform bulk upload of skills through LTie web application


  • Mobile tools for shop-floor changes


  • Perform real-time time studies on operators
  • Manage NPT information directly in the mobile app
  • Record and update good output
  • View line effi­ciency on the mobile dashboard
  • Receive notification alerts when KPI targets fall under the threshold


  • Real-time KPI dashboard


  • Highlight KPI metrics to prioritize attention by setting targets for each
  • Identify the top contributor impacting KPI
  • Highlight the top 5 contributors by NPT, LBR, performance, output, and effi­ciency
  • View the dashboard in optimized TV mode

Looking for another solution for your apparel manufacturing business? If yes, explore the entire range to find a solution that matches the specific requirements of your business.

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