How Preventive Maintenance Boosts the Production Efficiency

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How Preventive Maintenance Boosts the Production Efficiency

As the name suggests, machine maintenance is the process of performing a set of activities to keep machines running in optimal condition. Out of several aspects of any manufacturing business, this is of the utmost importance. However, it gets slightly more important for business in the textile industry and cannot be ignored. The reason behind this is simple: all the equipment/machines need to function properly in order to meet customer demands on time. In today’s highly competitive world, businesses cannot afford a machine breakdown, which would cause production to come to a halt. When machines/equipment is not properly maintained, they are more likely to encounter an issue. To avoid such unexpected breakdowns, scheduled preventive maintenance is the only solution.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Planned preventive maintenance can be defined as the process of performing pre-scheduled maintenance activities at regular intervals. This helps to prevent unexpected failures to some extent and achieve the desired productivity. In simple words, this is about fixing a machine before it breaks. Nowadays, almost every apparel manufacturing business requires a complete preventive maintenance plan to keep everything in order. However, the fixed interval at which these activities are performed can vary depending on the specific requirements of a business. Generally, businesses have annual, biannual, and quarterly preventive maintenance plans.

Depending on the procedure used to schedule maintenance activities, there are three major types of preventive maintenance. These are:

  • Time-based
  • Usage-based
  • Condition-based


Here are a few common benefits of having a proper preventive maintenance schedule in place:

  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Minimized Safety Risks
  • Better Operational Efficiency

The Solution

In today’s time, there are a number of automated systems available in the market that can help business owners schedule preventive maintenance tasks. However, it is important to choose a solution that matches the specific requirements of the business.

LTLabs offers LTmechanic, a cloud-based mechanic management solution that can help businesses with total preventive maintenance. This system provides real-time data by tracking every single machine on each sewing line. It not only enables paperless tracking of machine maintenance but also helps with things like machine performance analysis. In short, you can achieve better mechanic efficiency, minimize non-productive time, and enhance machine visibility with LTmechanic.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Mechanic Efficiency
  • Minimized Non-productive Time
  • Enhanced Machine Visibility

Key Features

  • Digital Real-Time Andon (for production)
    • Line Leader can report machine problems via mobile device
    • Instant notification alerts to the mechanic
    • An option to upload photos of the machine problem
    • Real-time ticket status on the web dashboard


  • Changeover Planning
    • Provides calendar of the upcoming schedule of the changeover
    • An option to create a job list/checklist of the machines that need to be prepared
    • Shows available and active machines on the mobile application


  • Built-in Preventive Maintenance Scheduler
    • Oversee all machine maintenance status with the built-in calendar
    • Show calendar of the upcoming maintenance schedule for all machines
    • Customized checklist for repair and preventive maintenance
    • Create maintenance tickets directly from the web application


  • Machine Management
    • Real-time visibility of conditions and status of all the machines
    • Access to downtime data with real-time web dashboards
    • Real-time reporting to help the team prioritize attention

Looking for strategic digital solutions for your apparel manufacturing business? Explore our extensive range of cloud-based solutions that can be used on a stand-alone basis or as a complete package.

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