How Digital Tools Can Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions

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Apparel manufacturing experiences supply chain disruptions when there are interruptions or delays in quality inspections throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. These disruptions result in decreased efficiency in factory floor operations, leading to increased downtime. Such disturbances in the supply chain create inconsistencies in operations and financial losses for clothing manufacturers. Nevertheless, the implementation of digital tools enables smart management of the supply chain, mitigating profit loss and facilitating revenue growth.in apparel manufacturing is caused by interferences or delays in quality inspections during pre-production, production and post-production – increasing downtime due to inefficiency in operation management across the factory floor line. Disruptions in the supply chain cause operational inconsistencies and revenue loss for garment manufacturers. However, digital tools help manage the supply chain in smart ways, prevent profit loss, and even help achieve revenue growth.

How Tools Can Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions?

Digital tools can reduce supply chain disruptions, how? They improve the overall functioning of apparel manufacturing, eliminate bottlenecks in production, and tackle challenges and delays with high transparency and visibility. By allowing apparel manufacturers to systematize operations, mitigate risks, speed up production and enhance product quality, reduce Non Productive Hours (NPT) and ultimately eliminate disruptions in the supply chain management in garment production.


How Can Digital Transformation Improve Transparency and Visibility?

The process of digital transformation involves the adoption of cutting-edge digital tools that are integrated into multiple systems to monitor and manage various operations within apparel supply chain management to improve transparency and visibility across manufacturing operations. From production to delivery, the implementation of these tools within the network or alongside existing ERP systems simplifies the complexity associated with apparel manufacturing.

This simplification empowers teams by providing them with in-depth visibility into operations and promoting a high level of transparency. As a result, teams are able to work collaboratively, take ownership of their daily tasks, and make informed decisions, ultimately reducing disruptions in both in-line and end-line operations.

Eliminate Disruptions in Apparel Production!

The supply chain involves warehouse management, fabric inspection, machine maintenance, and production management with quality inspection at multiple stages, making apparel production the most elaborate with all the crucial checkpoints that require consistent monitoring and management to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain. Digitalizing your production management with digital tools will shorten lead time and lower the production cost.

Benefits of Digital Supply Chain

Supply chain digitization in apparel manufacturing reduces disruptions and addresses every pain point at various production stages with end-to-end production management. LTproduciton system offers visibility of data recorded across the factory on a day-to-day basis, and with real-time insights and the system helps to achieve the benefits of digital supply chain with extensive network of digital tools, and streamlines the apparel supply chain to improve production efficiency. The system allows the manufacturers to easily track supplies, materials, and finished products in the warehouses and across the factory at crucial stages.

Make your digital supply chain more profitable with comprehensive LTLabs solutions.


LTquality –

Carry out an end-to-end quality inspection. Identify, track, and eliminate defects for fabric and finished goods and resolve the quality issue instantly to meet production KPIs.

LTie –

Reduce disruptions, and increase supply chain efficiency with a worker skill matrix and optimize shop floor productivity and line efficiency in real time.

LTmechanic –

Leverage paperless machine maintenance and manage assets in real-time and eliminate machine downtime and enhance mechanic efficiency to curb supply chain disruptions.

LTwarehouse –

Track inbound materials and supplies and accurately locates inventory in your factory at all times.

LTproduction –

Track downstream inventory of WIP goods from cutting to delivery and track PO status and inventory levels for smooth production for efficient supply chain risk management.

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