How can Warehouse Automation Help Your Apparel Business?

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Warehouse automation is the process of streamlining repetitive warehousing operations and making them less labour-intensive with the help of automated systems. This is one of the best ways to maximize productivity while reducing the efforts and cost of a business. The process of warehouse automation does not always require physical or robotic automation. Generally, you can just start with using comprehensive warehouse management software that can help you meet the productivity goals of your business. This will also help a business utilize its resources in the most efficient way.

Types of Warehouse Automation

There are 4 different types of warehouse automation, depending on the level of complexity:

Basic Warehouse Automation

As the name suggests, this is the simplest type of automation. In this, you use simple technology to automate a few warehousing operations. And, human efforts that were being used in those operations can be used in other business operations. For example, a conveyor or carousel can be used to move inventory from one point to another, instead of getting it done by a team of workers. And those workers can be deployed to other areas where human efforts can be better utilized.

Warehouse System Automation

A comprehensive warehouse management system uses multiple software which are based on machine learning, robotics and data analytics. This system automates complex tasks and procedures so that the chances of any errors can be minimized.

Mechanized Warehouse Automation

In this kind of warehouse automation, robotic equipment is used to assist humans in warehousing operations and increase the efficiency. This is a great way of maximizing the overall productivity of a manufacturing unit.

Advanced Warehouse Automation

This is a combination of robotic equipment and automation systems. This type of warehouse automation helps in decreasing labour-intensive operations.

Benefits of Warehouse Automation

In today’s times, it is almost impossible to ignore the strong impact of technology on us, be it in our everyday lives, workplace or something else. Now that warehouse automation is on the rise in almost every industry, regardless of its type or size, the apparel industry is no exception.

From increased accuracy to reduced turnaround time, faster delivery to maximized productivity, there are a number of advantages of warehouse automation in every industry.

Let’s dive deeper and discuss a few benefits of warehouse automation in the apparel industry:

Customer Satisfaction

This is one of the main advantages of warehouse automation. With increased operational efficiency, you will be able to address the growing demand of your customers in a better way leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Labour Optimization

In every business, it is very important to utilize your resources in a productive manner. With warehouse automation, you will be able to figure out workforce shortages and direct the existing employees where they are actually needed.

Greater Efficiency

Warehouse operations are one of the initial steps in the entire supply chain. By automating these operations, you can easily shrink turnaround windows. This will not only help you to avoid shipping delays but gain the loyalty of your customers as well.

Better Inventory Management

In every business, keeping accurate records of your stock availability is one of the most important things. With the help of automation technologies, you will be able to have a clear understanding of how much stock you need to fulfill upcoming orders and whether you are overstocked, under stocked or somewhere in between.

Given all these advantages, warehouse automation has become an integral part of every business. But the main question is where to start from. Here is how LTLabs can help you transform your apparel business.

LTLabs is offering a cost-effective warehouse management solution named LT  Factory Connect. This Connect Suite system consists of two solutions: LTwarehouse and LTproduction. From tracking the arrival of raw materials to real-time inventory tracking and keeping track of the product lifecycle, these comprehensive systems take care of everything.  When you automate these processes, it gets much easier to identify the areas for potential bottlenecks and then take corrective measures to meet the fluctuating needs of your customers.

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