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In recent years, the entire apparel industry has evolved and transformed very rapidly. Over time, more and more businesses are embracing new and innovative technologies that are helping them make a massive difference in the overall production process. And as a result of this, the quality of the deliverables is also improving. Slowly, businesses have started realizing that capitalizing on emerging technology trends like cloud-based solutions can help them achieve the desired level of efficiency. In today’s times, all leading businesses in the fashion industry rely heavily on new technology, be it for supply chain management, inventory management, or any other business operation.

A Closer Look

Cloud-based technology has been here for a while, but the fashion industry started adapting to it only in the last few years. In the simplest words, this technology involves using a network of remote servers which are hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than using a local server or a personal computer. Due to its capability to transform management and logistics operations, it has become the go-to technology in the textile industry.

Simply put, cloud-based solutions are transforming the traditional merchandising process. All the important data gets stored at a central location and can be accessed by all in real time. This helps businesses maintain transparency within the system. All in all, the increasing popularity of cloud technology in the textile industry is quite justified.

Currently, there are a plethora of cloud-based solutions available for different purposes that can help in several aspects of your garment business, such as design, sales, etc. These solutions can be anything from fabric inspection software to Production line management software. Generally, these solutions are used by companies that want to streamline their business operations and enhance their overall productivity with the use of real time data monitoring for hassle free operations in your manufacturing units.

How Can LTLabs Help?

LTLabs provides a wide range of digital solutions that can assist businesses in reforming their merchandising processes to a better extent. This way, they can maximize their productivity and enhance quality by automating certain business operations.


This is a cloud-based quality inspection software that helps garment businesses streamline their quality inspection through a digital interface-driven process. Using this quality inspection software, you can ensure higher quality standards, minimizing the chances of any kind of defects. This also helps resolve any quality-related problems across production. Businesses can use this software for manufacturing quality inspection as well. Some other important features of this cloud-based fabric inspection include real-time data capturing, auto-generated fabric inspection reports, etc.


This system helps businesses optimize their production line configurations and monitor their real-time efficiency. This will eventually lead to a significant increase in the overall productivity of the business. Using this cloud-based solution, businesses can capture all the relevant data of each operator and create a digital skills matrix using that. This makes it easier to place operators in the most appropriate operations and maximize the output.


This is a cloud-based mechanic management solution that provides real-time data for asset management. It involves the tracking of every single machine on each sewing line so that businesses can get better visibility of machine status. This way, businesses can streamline preventive maintenance of the machines. And, in the case of a machine breakdown, mechanics get an instant notification so that non-productive time can be minimized.

These are just a few solutions, as the entire range includes cloud-based solutions for everything, from warehouse automation to production management and a lot more. You explore our range and choose a solution as per the specific requirements of your business.

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