Current Issues Faced by the Apparel Industry

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The fashion industry has been at the forefront of the latest developments and innovations to stay relevant in the market. According to industry reports, around 80 billion garments are produced each year, and 52 micro-collections per year are released by fast-fashion brands instead of the two usual seasons. With consumer behaviour rapidly changing, digital transformation accelerating rapidly and concerns around sustainability and diversity growing, there are several major problems in the fashion industry, as it continues to adapt to the changing environment. To overcome these issues, businesses in the fashion industry must ensure that they act in the interests of all stakeholders, like investors, customers, employees and society.

Some of the common challenges faced by the fashion industry include:

Workforce Shortage

Whether it is an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic or because of constantly rising consumer demands, workforce shortage has become one of the biggest problems faced by the apparel industry. Owing to this scarcity of workers, a number of businesses in the garment industry are being forced to work overtime to complete orders on time. Sometimes, even after putting these many efforts the chances of potential delivery bottlenecks remain there.

Poor Inventory Management

At times, getting a constant supply of raw materials and deploying a large workforce in the manufacturing unit is not enough to meet the rising consumer demands. Keeping track of the inventory is equally important. This is how you can also avoid under stocking and overstocking as both of them can have a majorly negative impact on the profitability of a business.

Inefficient Products Delivery

According to a survey it has been proved that 70% consumers do not shop with a retailer again if they do not receive their order within the given delivery timeframe. So, whatever the reason is, inefficient product delivery is another major challenge faced by businesses in the apparel industry.

Quality Issues

Fabric inspection in the garment industry is defined as the visual inspection or review of materials and completely finished garments in relation to some standards, specifications or requirements. Sometimes even when the sewing lines are completed, and the garment lines are checked, there can be a few defective end-products. The manual method of fabric inspection in the garment industry is very time-consuming and does not account for complete accuracy.

Consumer Shifts

The fashion industry is a dynamic industry which makes it difficult for market players to stay relevant to the latest trends and fulfil the changing consumer and market needs. This further gives rise to the challenges of sustainable fashion. In the current scenario, consumers are now more immersed in digital shopping and are demanding quality products at a fast pace. For apparel brands and retailers, it becomes quite challenging to the consumer’s changing behaviours, trends and choices.


How LTLabs can help?

Apart from these major issues, the fashion industry has a lot of other challenges. The main question is, how to overcome these problems in the fashion industry.

LTLabs offers a wide range of innovative solutions to eliminate all these challenges and take garment businesses to the next level. These comprehensive systems facilitate workflow from development to finished goods. There are different software that can help to overcome different challenges faced by a business.


  • LTquality: This solution helps to identify, track and minimize defects in the fabrics and end-products. Using this quality management software is the best way to overcome the various challenges.


  • LTie: This solution will help your business deal with the problem of workforce shortage. It is used to increase the efficiency and update the work skill metrics.


  • LTproduction: This system helps businesses eliminate issues related to poor inventory management. It is used for downstream inventory tracking of WIP goods from cutting to delivery.


These are only a few examples. Every business has its own specific challenges and requirements. You can explore the entire range of LTLabs to find the perfect solution for your business.




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