Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Preventive Maintenance Services

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Preventive Maintenance Services

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance involves using technology to periodically examine the equipment in a manufacturing plant and detect any issues ahead of time, instead of responding when the problem occurs to avoid unanticipated failures, repairs, and outages, ultimately preventing profit loss.

A textile manufacturing plant uses numerous machines to carry out different procedures. Preventive maintenance per schedule helps to prevent unexpected machine failures, reduces maintenance costs, and eliminates downtime, ultimately increasing equipment efficiency and life expectancy. While there are many advantages to performing preventive maintenance, there are a few disadvantages as well, that will be discussed in this article.

To begin, let us start with the pros of using preventive maintenance services.

Advantages of Streamlines Maintenance 

Adhering to a regular schedule for inspecting and maintaining your factory machines can streamline the inspection and repair processes. Your mechanics will perform necessary service tasks to keep the equipment in top shape and prevent unforeseen breakdowns. By implementing quality inspection and preventive maintenance  services, you can ensure that all machines are in good condition and minimize the risk of unexpected downtime.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

It is essential to detect the onset of machine failure and performance inadequacies in the production lines to prevent downtime. A Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) helps to assess the working status of the machinery and set a course for corrective measures, which acts as a pre-requisite for preventive maintenance.

Optimize Operations

With all the machinery and equipment periodically serviced, repaired, and in optimal condition, the operations should run smoothly and generate flawless production faster. Preventive maintenance is a proactive schedule that improves the efficiency of operations and supply chain management.

Increase Staff Performance with AI Preventive Maintenance

Proactive planning enhances the team’s knowledge about the conditions of the machines and helps them to work collaboratively and rapidly fix any issues so, resulting in smooth production operations without any delays. . With preventive maintenance software, the staff works in sync with the real-time information about the machine conditions and performs repair tasks way ahead and more efficiently.

Quick Machine Repair 

Having an effective preventive mechanism in place enables you to identify any worn-out or missing parts and potential problem areas before they cause issues in the future. This allows mechanics to proactively carry out repair tasks before they disrupt the production process, thus avoiding malfunctions on the production line. By following a dedicated preventive maintenance schedule, you can significantly reduce the incidence of unexpected outages, emergency repairs, and machine breakdowns.

Shorter Changeover Time 

Periodic checks, repairs, and renewal of the machinery lines ensure that the machines are in perfect working condition during the product roll-offs and the start of the next run in your production line. With spinning, cutting, and sewing machines in perfect condition, you can start fresh runs in shorter intervals. By adapting the best AI preventive maintenance you can effectively reduce the changeover time.

Reduce Production Downtime

It provides you visibility into previous maintenance logs and prompts with the next as per the schedule. You can create custom checklists to carry out repairs and maintenance, which gives clear guidance for your mechanics to thoroughly finish every task to its perfect result. With reduced downtime, defect-free production is completed on-time.

Disadvantages of Preventive Maintenance

Initial Cost Constraints 

Setting up demands for process planning, guidelines, and tools by administering periodic maintenance helps protect the machines from failures during production. While establishing a new preventive maintenance system may seem expensive, but compared to the costs and profit loss due to breakdowns during production, the initial cost for AI preventive maintenance is a quality investment that ensures returns on your spending.

Complicated and Time-consuming  

It requires a collaborative team with shared knowledge about the machine conditions and production routines. The scheduling takes a lot of planning, and successful implementation, which can be time consuming and complex. However, efficient preventive maintenance allows you to conquer these challenges and set effortless preventive maintenance inspection and repairs on time.

Redundant Preventive Maintenance 

Without a reliable preventive maintenance service, factories may end up overspending on maintenance tasks. It’s important to choose a service that can help you optimize maintenance schedules at appropriate intervals and provide valuable insights into the operating conditions of your equipment, in order to avoid unnecessary maintenance work. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your maintenance budget and avoiding any potential disruptions to your production process.

LTmechanic – Preventive Maintenance Solution   

LTmechanic is specifically designed for the apparel and accessory industry, which allows you to streamline preventive maintenance operations and optimize the results. It is a cloud-based mechanic solution through which you can schedule & manage preventative maintenance and allocate tasks for your employees from anywhere and anytime so that they can carry out planning, maintenance, and repair tasks without missing a single schedule.

The preventive maintenance software ensures proper planning and sleek execution of your custom maintenance strategy. The data about your entire machinery lines and processes stored in your system provides deep insights about the same, which helps in planning your inventory, resources, assets, and labor in a precise manner.

The centralized platform enables transparency in the status of the tasks and clear visibility into who is working on what. It creates reports on faulty machine conditions parts-wise in real-time so that repairs are done instantly, so equips rapid change over time, and reduces downtime.

LTmechanic helps you with efficient preventive maintenance and establishes precise maintenance of industrial sewing machines, saving time and cost and improving uptime while eliminating downtime.

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