Smart Machine Maintenance Techniques in Apparel Industry

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In today’s digital world, where every industry is moving towards automation, the apparel industry is no exception. This sector is shifting from manual intervention to digital transformation to gain critical information and generate insights. The textile industry operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to meet the ever-increasing demand of a competitive market and changing consumer behavior. Any machine failure or human error can dampen productivity, increase downtime and non-productive time (NPT) impacts the factory’s overall profitability. In such cases, smart machine maintenance software can help manufacturers identify potential errors and take necessary corrective measures before a failure occurs


A Closer Look

When it comes to the apparel manufacturing industry, having a production floor with computerized maintenance management system software and the least amount of human intervention is no longer an illusion nowadays. Digital innovation is the need of the hour, and the businesses in this industry are already in line with this transformation to remain competitive and relevant in the market. With the help of technology, smart machines, and equipment, businesses can easily identify the best time to schedule and undertake preventive maintenance tasks. Efficient maintenance scheduling software allows machines to access the required information while keeping the overall workload into consideration.

There is no denying the fact that technology is reshaping the apparel industry, which is why there are  a lot of digital solutions available in the market. However, it is equally important to choose one that matches the specific requirements of your apparel business. Before investing in a smart machine maintenance system, like a preventive maintenance system or something else, it is important to analyse and weigh the unique benefits it offers. It helps you understand how it is going to benefit your business in the long run.

The Solution

With an aim to bring new-age solutions to the apparel industry, LTLabs offers a wide range of digital systems, especially designed for the apparel industry. Let’s have a closer look at the solutions we provide:


As the name suggests, TEAMconnect is a solution designed to help apparel businesses increase the efficiency of various teams. It has three different applications:

LTquality: This is an end-to-end quality inspection solution that helps you streamline the quality inspection process. With this cloud-based system, QCs can record all the defects as soon as they occurs This further helps in taking corrective actions at the right time.

LTie: This digital solution helps an apparel manufacturing business maximise the efficiency of its industrial engineering team. It conducts a lot of tasks, such as providing line setup suggestions, NPT monitoring, capturing the machine skills and operational efficiency of different operators, etc. Other than this, it also generates a skill matrix based on all the captured data.

LTmechanic: LTmechanic is an efficient mechanic management solution that tracks every single machine on each sewing line. This provides real-time data, so whenever a machine requires any kind of maintenance, the relevant mechanic gets notified.


FACTORYconnect is a solution which is designed to ensure smooth factory operations for apparel manufacturing businesses. It includes two different applications:

LTwarehouse: LTwarehouse is an efficient warehouse management system. It helps streamline the complex warehouse operations of an apparel manufacturing business, which results in better inventory management and maximised efficiency.

LTproduction: This is a solution that helps you gain end-to-end visibility of the entire production line in your business. It also gives you the option to track all the supplies, raw materials, and finished goods in real time.

Are you also looking for a dependable digital solution for your apparel manufacturing business? If yes, explore LTLabs’ wide range to find one.

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